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Open a HORECA Company in Switzerland

Open a HORECA Company in Switzerland

HORECA is comprised of three sub-sectors, and it refers to accommodation, restaurant and catering industries, which are generally associated with the hospitality activities carried out in a country. The investors who are interested in opening a company in Switzerland in the HORECA sector will need to obtain compulsory business licenses, depending on the operations of the future legal entity set up here.

Furthermore, such units have to comply with numerous regulations, related to the satefy of the products and services delivered to local and foreign customers and our team of consultants in company formation in Switzerland can offer in-depth assistance on the requirements that have to be met by such businesses. 

Swiss hotel industry 

Switzerland has a small market when discussing of the hotel industry. It has approximately 5.100 hotels, accounting for 140,000 rooms. Even so, in the European context, Switzerland represents the 9th market on this matter and the 11th in terms of incoming tourists

The tourism industry in Switzerland contributes to the country’s gross domestic product (GDP) with 2,7% (at the level of 2015). This accounted for CHF 16 billion. Also, it is important to know that the tourism sector employs approximately 63,000 full-time employeesOur team of specialists can advise on the employment law available for persons operating in the HORECA sector

Although it does not represent a top industry, those who want to open a company in Switzerland in this sector should take into consideration that in the last years the demand has steadily increased, from both local and foreign visitors

Obtaining licenses in Switzerland 

As a general rule, when opening a business in Switzerland it is not required to apply for business licenses, unless the company will develop business operations that will need approval on the local market. In the case of a HORECA business, such permits are compulsory. As such, companies that will handle food products in hotels or restaurants have to obtain an authorization issued by the Federal Office of Public Health, responsible for the implementation of the food legislation available in the Swiss cantons

Businessmen who want to operate in the HORECA sector should handle other requirements and in this sense, it is recommended to address to our team of representatives in company registration in Switzerland for further advice on this subject.