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Open a Hotel in Switzerland

Open a Hotel in Switzerland

Businessmen who are interested in the accommodation industry in Switzerland can open a company here with activities in this field, as the country receives many local and foreign tourists, who are drawn to Swiss touristic locationsSwitzerland is famous for its winter sport activities, but tourists are also interested in visiting mountain landscapes. Investors who want to open a hotel in Switzerland should obtain a set of business permits and licenses, on which our team of Swiss company formation representatives can provide assistance. At the same time, it is important to know that the incorporation process of the legal entity representing the accommodation unit follows the general registration rules applicable to any other type of company. Before starting a hotel in this country, the businessman should choose the most suitable type of company for his business objectives. Our team of incorporation experts can present the particularities of each type of company, from the Gmbh in Switzerland to the general partnership and can advise clients about the most suitable legal entity for each particular case.

Business permits in Switzerland 

When opening a hotel in Switzerland, the investor should obtain a number of permits, which will testify that the entire business activities of the accommodation unit respect the requirements of the local legislation. If the investor wants to build a new hotel in Switzerland, he or she will need a construction permit. In such case, the businessmen will need the following permits

construction permit – the document is issued by the Municipal Building Authority, which will require the plans of the building;

• fire permit – the Fire Department will provide a fire approval, testifying the building does not present any fire hazards;

• inspections of the Municipal Building Authority for excavations and scaffoldings;

• approval for waste management and recycling, issued by the Department of waste and recycling; all businesses in Switzerland are required by law to collect the waste according to specific procedures;

• obtain approval for electric supply, water supply and sewage system; 

• sanitary approval. 

Our team of Swiss company incorporation consultants can help foreign businessmen to better understand this process.

Payroll solutions are also available as part of our accounting services in Switzerland. This means not just disbursing paychecks but also finishing the necessary papers for employment. Despite how simple it might sound, this is one of the most taxing tasks an accounting department in a firm performs. You can use our services if you wish to outsource it.

Key aspects of the hotel industry in Switzerland 

Hotels in Switzerland are categorized on a star point system (where 1 star is received by the accommodation units offering the minimum services required by the law, while 5 stars depict the hotels providing high-class accommodation services). 

At the level of 2015, the industry accounted for 92 hotels awarded with a 5 stars distinction. Most of the hotels in Switzerland have 3 stars (903 hotels in 2015). 

Investors who are interested in receiving more details on the requirements imposed by the local legislation when opening a hotel in Switzerland can address to our team of Swiss company formation agents