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Open a Recruitment Company in Switzerland

Open a Recruitment Company in Switzerland

Working in Switzerland

Recruitment companies in Switzerland help those who want to work in the country by making the right match between the individual looking for a job and the company looking for a qualified profession for their available jobs. Employment and placement agencies in Switzerland need to observe the country’s legislation in relation to the employment of European or third-state nationals in the country.

While the law allows for foreign employment in Switzerland, the laws are different for citizens of the European Union and those of the Economic Free Trade Association than for third-state nationals. Investors who want to open a company in Switzerland in the recruitment business can rely on the services of our Swiss company formation experts.

Swiss recruitment companies

In order to activate in the recruitment sector, Swiss companies need to obtain special licenses (authorization). Recruitment agencies based outside of Switzerland cannot recruit or jobs in the country or to recruit employees from Switzerland for jobs in another country.

Any recruitment company incorporated in Switzerland must observe the provisions of Federal Act date October 6 1989 on the Recruitment and the Hiring of Services. Non-authorized recruitment agencies are subject to fines of up to 100,000 CHF. In order to avoid any fines and make sure that your business is legitimate, our company registration consultants in Switzerland can help you open a Swiss company.

Open a company in Switzerland

Any company in Switzerland must be registered at the Swiss Commercial Register. Companies that activate in the recruitment field must clearly specify that they will engage in placement activities and must also appoint an individual that will be in charge of the business and will also observe the following:

– the person in charge of the company’s activities must have a resident permit; and

– he or she must be qualified to provide professional placement services.

Ford detailed information about the types of companies available in Switzerland, you can contact our company registration specialists in Switzerland.

Swiss recruitment company must work in the best interest of the job seekers and must also have appropriate offices to conduct the recruitment and placement activities. Our agents can help with more information about the business field and the requirements for companies.