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Open a Bar in Switzerland

Open a Bar in Switzerland

In order to open a bar in this country, the investors will need to respect the procedure of company formation in Switzerland which is established for any other type of business. Please mind that such businesses will need to obtain special licenses and permits for their activities. Businessmen will need to receive licenses for selling alcohol products and, if the company organises special events requiring the participation of a band, the business will also need a music licenseOur team of company formation representatives in Switzerland can offer an in-depth presentation on the order in which these steps have to be completed. 

Registration of a business in Switzerland  

Regardless of the business activity of the company in Switzerland, the investors will have to designate a legal entity for the business. Most of the companies in Switzerland are founded based upon a set of statutory documents – represented by the articles of association and memorandum, which have to be certified in front of a Swiss public notary, who will apply notary fees for the procedure. 

When opening a company in Switzerland, the certified statutory documents will have to be registered with the Commercial Register situated in the city where the company will perform its activities. Such documents can be submitted at the relevant office by using the mail services and the procedure can typically last 3- 7 days. 

It is also compulsory to register for Value Added Tax (VAT) and the procedure should be performed only after the legal entity has been registered with the Commercial Register. The VAT registration falls under the regulations of the Federal Administration Tax and our team of company formation agents in Switzerland can provide more details on this aspect.  If you’re looking for accounting services in Switzerland, you may rely on those offered by our local accountants. We have a team of industry specialists, so you can choose the solutions that most interest you. To understand more about our offer and to make a choice that works with your plans, get in touch with us.

Alcohol permits in Switzerland  

In the case of a business set up as bar, the company registration in Switzerland requires the issuance of an alcohol permit, which is issued by the Swiss Alcohol Board. Investors can find out more details from the stipulations of the Law of Alcohol

Businessmen are invited to contact our team of company formation consultants in Switzerland for legal advice applicable in this case.