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Virtual Office in Switzerland

Virtual Office in Switzerland

Switzerland is one of the most appealing to start a business in Europe. In the past few years, the authorities have started encouraging the development of other sectors apart from the financial one, even if the latter remains one of the most prolific for the economy.

Setting up a company in Switzerland implies completing various formalities, and one of the first to consider is finding a legal address that needs to be presented with the Trade Register upon incorporation.

One of the alternatives to a traditional rent is the virtual office in Switzerland. However, this is not an actual working space, but a service. Our company formation agents in Switzerland are at your disposal with information on the best uses of a virtual office.

 Quick Facts  
  Address availability (YES/NO)


Local phone number (YES/NO)



Company registered address use possibility (YES/NO)

Mail collection and forwarding option (YES/NO)


Meeting room availability (YES/NO) YES, reservation is required a few days ahead
Virtual assistant option (YES/NO)

YES, virtual assistant can be requested 

Uses of a virtual office

Multiple uses – local address for new company, local address for an existing company, legal address for a sole trader, local contact point in various cities

Documents required to
acquire the service
Contract drafted by the provider
Customized services availability (YES/NO) YES, the client can choose the facilities of the service
Availability in one or
more cities
YES, high availabilty in cities like Zug, Geneva, Zurich
Timeframe to acquire the service (approx.) Between 1 and 2 business days
Employee required NO
Availability of other services YES, at the request of the client, bank statement collection and forwarding is available
Minimum rental period One month
Advantages Cheaper compared to a traditional rent, flexibility in terms of contract terms, personalized facilities, no maintenance costs
 Availability of specific laws (if any)  No, there are no special laws applicable to the use of a virtual office.

  Availability for foreign companies (YES/NO)

 Yes, foreign companies can acquire such a service.

  Availability for natural persons (YES/NO)

 Yes, this is an option for sole traders.

 Cost per service (approx.)  The costs depend on the facilities and duration of the contract.
 Maximum duration of the contract 

 There is no maximum period to use such a service.

 Contract renewal possibility (YES/NO)

Yes, the contract can be renewed. 

 Possibility to amend the services contract (YES/NO)


   Internet connection availability (YES/NO)

Yes, a high-speed internet connection is available. 

 Receptionist services available (YES/NO)

 Yes, both onsite and virtual receptionist services are available.

 Access to office space  Yes, on demand
 Taxes (if any)

 No, there are no additional taxes to pay.

   Limitations of virtual office services A virtual office cannot be used as a regular office space.


  Usage of a virtual office as a co-working space


 Other facilities available

 Print and copy services

 Possibility to acquire more than one virtual office service (YES/NO) Yes, it is possible to acquire Swiss virtual offices in more than one city. 

What is a virtual office in Switzerland?

virtual office in Switzerland provides entrepreneurs with the opportunity to conduct their businesses in a professional manner without the requirement of setting up an actual office space. The advantage offered by this type of office is that it does not require conventional lease expenses and also exempts the entrepreneur from all other costs required by a physical office, like employment expenses, tax burdens, utilities, and many others.

Why choose us?

With a virtual office in Zurich and other main Swiss cities, our clients’ business will benefit from the presence of a high-profile office at a fraction of the cost of a traditional office. Our company offers company formation services and virtual office services, and therefore can provide the best and most suitable virtual offices in Switzerland for each client.

The Virtual Office package provided by CompanyFormationSwitzerland.com contains:

  1. Prestigious business address in Zurich or other major Swiss city for a credible and risk-free base used for our clients’ correspondence;
  2.  Registered office necessary for establishing a Swiss company;
  3. Mail collection and forwarding – Mail is collected, packages are signed and sent towards our clients according to their instructions either by mail, fax or email;
  4.  Incoming and outgoing faxes – Clients can use our local fax number and we insure a prompt fax collection and invoicing towards them, wherever they are;
  5.  A local phone number in Switzerland for all the clients ‘contacts;
  6.  Voice mailbox – All voice messages will be forwarded towards our clients by email.

We also offer the following additional services for a virtual office in Switzerland:

   1. Dedicated fax service with your own private and dedicated number;
   2. Call redirecting: specialized technology enables call redirection to your primary number;
   3. Collection of bank statements;
   4. Extra usage of the meeting room.

If you are interested a virtual office in Switzerland, our specialists are at your service with detailed information on the prices available.

Who chooses a virtual office in Switzerland?

Virtual offices are chosen by many investors due to the benefits mentioned above. However there are some types of businesses that must not overlook this method. These companies are:

  • – new Swiss companies established by foreign investors;
  • – already registered in Switzerland but also need a point of contact in another city;
  • – foreign businesses that do not require any company setup in Switzerland, but rather just a simple method of maintaining communication with their business partners in this country.

If you have any questions about the virtual office in Switzerland, do not hesitate to send them to us. There is also some useful information in the infographic below:


The most common uses of a virtual office in Switzerland

The virtual office is usually used as a legal address when setting up a company in Switzerland. It is also common for Swiss companies to use such services in other cities, in order to cut back on the expenses related to renting office space, which is usually more expensive, but also of detaching employees.

The other purposes a Swiss virtual office can be used for are:

  • – as a registered address when commencing the company registration process in Switzerland;
  • – as an address where clients or associates can obtain various information;
  • – as a contact point for foreign enterprises that need to have a simple address in Switzerland;
  • – it can also be used by sole traders who want to have a professional image for their clients. 

What should be noted is that the virtual office cannot be used as co-working space. If you need additional information on how such a service can be used and the cities where it is available, you can rely on our specialists.

A cost-friendly option for investors

Even if we have mentioned this before, it is worth noting that the most important advantage of a Swiss virtual office is its cost. This depends on the services attached to it and which can range from various special equipment (apart from the standard one) and whether a secretary for various tasks is sought.

The cost of a Swiss virtual office also depends on its location and the period of the contract because it based on a services contract. As a general rule, virtual offices are located in business centers, hence the benefit of using it as a business address that is easy to find.

By comparison, a traditional office rented in the same buildings can be tens of times more expensive.

Here are some of the cities where virtual office services can be contracted in Switzerland:

  • –  Zurich;
  • –  Geneva;
  • –  Basel;
  • – Lausanne.

An important aspect to consider about Switzerland is that companies registered in different cantons can use virtual offices for having addresses in other cantons.

If you decide for a virtual office in Switzerland, do not hesitate to get in touch with our local agents who can guide you on a suitable offer.

Obtain a Swiss virtual office for the period you need

Having a virtual office in Switzerland is all about flexibility: you get to choose the contractual timeframe and services you need. Moreover, if anything should intervene, you can agree on different terms with the service provider.

Also, if you need additional services for a short period of time, such as renting a conference room for a business meeting, you can solicit one a few days prior to your event.

The virtual office is a simple and efficient service that relies on day-to-day facilities available to companies and entrepreneurs.

You can rely on our Swiss company formation representatives for incorporating a business for which you can choose a virtual office during the first stages, followed by finding a suitable location later. With the help of a virtual office in Switzerland you will save money compared to a traditional rented space.

Start a company in Switzerland with the help of a Swiss virtual office

Foreign investors who come to Switzerland have several options in terms of legal business forms they can choose from. However, there are specific requirements to respect no matter the type of entity they choose and one of the first to deal with is finding a legal or registered address to provide to the Company Register as official address of the future business.

This is an important step without which a company cannot be registered in Switzerland. However, with the help of a Swiss virtual office address, the procedure is fairly simple, and no special formalities need to be concluded in order to obtain such an address. All you need to do is to choose the service you are interested in (you will have multiple options) and sign the contract.

It should be noted that the virtual office is a suitable solution when setting up private limited liability companies in Switzerland. Also, this is a temporary solution until the business owner finds a place to use as a permanent address and/or place of activity, in accordance with one’s needs.

You can obtain a virtual office in Zurich if this is the place you are interested in opening a company in. Alternatively, the virtual office in Geneva is an option for entrepreneurs interested in exploring the opportunities offered by this important Swiss city.

If you want to open a company in Switzerland and need guidance, our local agents are always at your service.

Our accounting company in Switzerland is also able to provide investors and business owners with specialized auditing services to make sure that all financial regulations and standards are being satisfied and so lower the danger of fines. Other services can include making sure yearly statements and other documents are submitted on time to Swiss International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

How to obtain a virtual office in Zurich

Zurich is one of the most important and renowned cities in Switzerland. Often associated with wealthy personalities and bankers, this is one of the world’s most important financial centers. However, recent years have determined the authorities here to welcome investors from numerous other business field than the financial one, thus enabling it to explore its potential as a research and development and fintech hub.

So, if you want to establish a presence, a virtual office in Zurich can be a good place to start. There are various reasons that could determine you to choose this option, and among them we present the most important ones:

  • – it can be obtained in a matter of days or even faster;
  • – the cost is much lower than that of a traditional office rent or lease;
  • – you can choose the business center you want your address to be at.

Finding office space despite having plenty of options even in a large city like Zurich is a challenge mainly because of the costs and location. Often, first-time investors want to save money with office rentals or leases, which what a virtual office does: it can help you save or direct finances to other important parts of your business.

virtual office in Zurich is much cheaper than a traditional one in the same city, and it costs are not reflected only in the rent, but also in its maintenance which falls on the service provider, as well as in the fact that you don’t need to hire employees to handle matters like taking phone calls or receiving and sending out the mail.

Zurich a beautiful city with tall office buildings in which all businesspersons would want to have their premises in. This is possible with a virtual office. You can choose a center downtown or in other neighborhoods without losing the prestige of having a notable address, all at much lower costs compared to renting a room or an entire floor for a small company, for example.

Swiss virtual office in this city can cost between 150 CHF and a little over 200 CHF per month, with lower price ranges if the period you buy it for is longer.

Choose a virtual office in Geneva if you want to start a business here

Geneva is home to no less than 36 international organizations, among which the World Health Organization and the United Nations’ European headquarters which places among top destinations for investment because of the flawless infrastructure.

If you want to open a Swiss company in this region, a virtual office in Geneva can be one of the best solutions for a quick incorporation procedure. From a business point of view, Geneva is the second-largest city in the country in terms of population, so you will have a great talent pool to choose from.

People here are mainly French speaking, however, the Swiss are multilingual, so you will not have any difficulty in finding English or German speakers either.

The price range for a virtual office in Geneva is between 130 CHF and 300 CHF depending on your requests and contracts with service providers are quite flexible enabling you to choose the facilities you are interested in.

No matter the city you want to set up a business in, you can rely on our Swiss company formation officers.

You can also watch our video:

Economic forecast for Switzerland

Switzerland is one of the most performant economies in Europe, and according to the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs, it will remain this way. Numbers indicate that:

  • – for 2021, the Gross Domestic Product is expected to grow by 3.6%;
  • – the unemployment rate is expected to go down to 3.1%;
  • – private consumption is set to grow by 3.9% this year;
  • –  for 2022, the GDP is expected to grow by 3.3%.

We are at your disposal with various services, so do not hesitate to reach out for detailed information.

For personalized consultancy and further advice please contact our company formation agents in Switzerland. We can help our clients with the entire procedure, providing assistance in all stages of the incorporation, due to the joint expertise of local lawyers and international consultants.  Also, if in need of virtual offices inother countries, we strongly recommned our partners from Cyprus company formation.