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Start a Taxi Company in Switzerland

Start a Taxi Company in Switzerland

taxi company can become a sustainable type of business when investing in Switzerland. In order to open a company in Switzerland in this field, the businessmen will need to hire employees who have already obtained the necessary driving licenses. At the same time, the company will need to comply with the applicable regulations available for taxi cars, depending on the canton in which the business carries out its operations. Our team of company formation representatives in Switzerland can offer in-depth advice on the main steps related to the incorporation of a taxi company

Register a Swiss taxi company  

Swiss taxi company is considered a commercial legal entity and, thus, it is necessary to register it following the standard incorporation procedures. Investors may choose for the procedure of company formation in Switzerland any legal entity available under the local legislation. It is important to know that there are no restrictions related to the nationality of the investors but, depending on the business form of the future company, it may be necessary to appoint directors who are Swiss nationals

taxi company in Switzerland will have to be registered with the Commercial Register, after the company’s statutory documents are signed in front of a Swiss public notary. At the same time, the company should also open a corporate bank account in which the businessmen will deposit the minimum share capital. Also, a taxi company is required to register for value added tax, but also for social security for the company’s employeesOur team of company formation agents in Switzerland can offer more details on the procedure related to the registration with the Social Insurance System

Driving licenses in Switzerland  

The company registration in Switzerland for a taxi business requires the issuance of special permits and licenses. At the same time, the company’s employees have to own valid driving licenses. Foreign citizens who have already received a driving license in their country of origin and who are currently living in Switzerland and want to be hired as taxi drivers may apply to exchange their driving license into a Swiss driving license

Depending on their nationality, the applicants may not be requested to pass a new driving test and a theory exam. The regulation is applicable for various types of licenses, such as:


large vehicles;


Our team of company registration consultants in Switzerland can offer in-depth assistance on other taxi regulations. Please contact our specialists for more details on this matter.