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Start a Bookstore in Switzerland

Start a Bookstore in Switzerland

Businessmen who are passionate about the book industry may set up a bookstore in Switzerland. Those who want to open a company in Switzerland registered as a bookstore will need to register the business following the regulations applicable for commercial companies, as the business will carry out commercial activities. However, prior to starting the registration procedure, it is advisable to perform certain activities that will increase the business opportunities that can arise here for this type of activity. Our team of company formation representatives in Switzerland can offer in-depth assistance on the registration of the bookstore, as well as on the tax regulations available for this business field. 

Establish a budget for the Swiss bookstore business  

Prior to starting the procedure of company registration in Switzerland, is it highly recommended to establish a budget that will cover all the initial expenses. In this sense, investors should choose a legal entity that will be better suited for this type of activity. 

Besides the company’s minimum share capital that has to be deposited by the investors, the registration procedure will incur specific fees. After this procedure is completed, the businessmen will have to take into consideration the monthly costs related to the maintenance of the bookstore. Such costs can refer to the rent that has to be paid for the premises in which the bookstore carries its activities, the salaries of the employeesutility costs and numerous others. Our team of company registration agents in Switzerland can offer further advice. 

Establish a corporate identity for the Swiss bookstore  

A bookstore can provide numerous types of products, which can refer to the genres of the books sold by the company, as well as other ancillary products (mugs, gifts, cards, games and others). 

In the last years, there has been an increasing trend in setting up a small café within the premises of a bookstore, as the customers can spend more time in the shop, while studying the book offer

In this particular situation, the investors will have to obtain business permits that will allow them to serve beverages and foodstuff products

During the procedure of company incorporation in Switzerland it is necessary to choose a location in which the business will carry its commercial activity. When opening a bookstore, it is recommended to choose a crowded location, such as the center of the city or a commercial area, which can ensure a large share of customers

Foreign businessmen are invited to contact our consultants in company formation in Switzerland for further information on this subject.