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Set Up a Security Agency in Switzerland

Set Up a Security Agency in Switzerland

Swiss-based companies operating as security agencies have to respect a set of regulations. This is also applicable in the situation in which they provide security services on foreign markets. In this particular situation, such companies have to comply with the regulations prescribed by the Federal Act on Private Security Services Provided Abroad, a legal document that entered into force on the 1st of September 2015Our team of specialists in company formation in Switzerland can provide in-depth advice on the obligations deriving from this Act. 

Security services in Switzerland 

Businessmen who want to open a company in Switzerland that operates as a security agency can specialize in different types of security services, that can be offered to natural persons, legal entities and organizations. Amongst the most common types of services that can be employed here, we mention the following:

  • closed-circuit television (CCTV) , used for the constant monitoring of certain buildings, that can have commercial or residential purpose;
  • alarm installations – such companies are specialized in offering high-tech devices and constant maintenance;
  • companies that offer trained security guards, who can protect a building or a person;
  • security services that can be used during various types of events or bodyguards services

Requirements for the employees of the Swiss security agencies 

In order to hire employees who will work in the private security sector, special requirements have to be met. Our team of consultants in company registration in Switzerland can advise on these matters, but it is necessary to know that all employees must have a clear criminal record. Such persons have to obtain a license and if the license is revoked due to various reasons, it is necessary to dismiss the employee from the respective position. 

Security guards can apply for this type of job as long that they meet the age criteria, which, if they are registered as operational guards, is set up at 18 years old, while in the case of a managerial position, the minimum age is 22. There are other minimum requirements imposed in this case and investors are invited to contact our team of specialists for in-depth assistance on the employment regulations available for the private security sector