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Set up a Real Estate Agency in Switzerland

Set up a Real Estate Agency in Switzerland

Switzerland is one of the most developed countries in Europe and, although the state is not a member of the European Union (EU), the rules of law applicable here are similar with the ones available in the EU. Businessmen are welcomed to set up companies here through numerous agreements signed by the local authorities with other countries. Those who want to enter the real estate market can set up a real estate agency. The incorporation procedure of this type of company follows the rules and regulations imposed by the commercial legislation and our team of Swiss company formation representatives can offer more details on how to register a business here. 

Register a real estate company in Switzerland  

The registration procedure available in Switzerland is similar with the one set up in other European countries. The company must be represented by one of the legal entities available under the local law, but most of the businesses set up here are registered as a limited liability company (Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung). The legal entity of the company will be established by drafting the statutory documents of the future company, in this case the memorandum and the articles of association, which will require the assistance of a public notary. If you choose to open a GmbH in Switzerland for your real estate agency, you should know that the registration process isn’t very complicated, however it is advisable to ask for the help of local company incorporation experts.

The investor is also required to open a bank account for the company, in which the paid-up capital (established in accordance with the legal entity chosen by the entrepreneur) will be deposited. 

When incorporating a Swiss real estate agency, the investor will have to register it at the Commercial Registry and, after that, he or she can register with relevant authorities, for taxation and Value Added Tax purposes; our team of Swiss company formation agents can offer assistance for these procedures. 

Real estate legislation in Switzerland   

An important aspect of the real estate market in Switzerland is that the industry has been very stable, even in financially challenged moments, such as the latest European crisis. 

In order to purchase a property in Switzerland, a person will need the assistance of a real estate agency and it is important to know that the procedure can be performed if the person is the owner of a Swiss residence permit. However, the acquisition of a property for commercial purposes is not restricted by special laws here. 

Businessmen interested in receiving more details on how to set up a real estate company in Switzerland can address to our Swiss company incorporation consultants