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Set Up a Print Shop in Switzerland

Set Up a Print Shop in Switzerland

When opening a company in Switzerland as a print shop, the investors will have to take into consideration numerous aspects, besides the ones referring to the incorporation procedures. As the company will perform commercial activities, it will be registered following the usual steps. The country offers several printing fairs for businesses operating in the industry and it can be an attractive type of business activity, if the investors have established a suitable business plan, that should include the target group to which the company is addressed. Since there are numerous business aspects that must be completed during the registration of a print shop, it is recommended to receive assistance on this matter from our team of specialists in company registration in Switzerland

Necessary equipment for a Swiss print shop  

Once the legal entity was registered following the standard procedure for company incorporation in Switzerland, the businessmen have to find the minimum suitable equipment that is necessary for this business activity. Our team of company formation agents in Switzerland may provide assistance and can help businessmen in renting a location for a print shop

The essential equipment for a print shop is represented by the printers and, depending on the business strategy of the company and investors’ budget, it is recommended to purchase several types of printers, to ensure continuous operations. 

If the company deals with large orders, it is advisable to purchase an offset press, which is a common tool used by companies operating in this field. Also, the investors may need a laser print and printing supplies – such as ink or printer cartridges

During the procedure of Swiss company formation, the investors should also make sure that they have purchased additional equipment necessary for the business. It is compulsory to have optimal software that will help in creating custom images requested by clients, who can be represented by natural persons or legal entities

Choosing a location for a printing shop in Switzerland  

The location in which the printer shop will develop its activity is crucial for the outcome of the business. Depending on the size of the business, investors can find available commercial spaces of smaller or larger sizes. Prior to signing a contract for a commercial building, it is important to perform the due diligence procedures to find out if the respective business establishment may have hidden flaws, such as debts from previous owners and other similar matters. 

Investors are invited to contact our team of consultants in company formation in Switzerland for more details referring to the registration of a print shop