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The services provided by CompanyFormationSwitzerland.com were presented in several publications. Below, we present a part of such articles: 

1. Reasons for starting a business in Switzerland

“Switzerland is a country known for its sound political and economic environment and it is also one of the European countries that continue to offer important business opportunities. Key business areas include, but are not limited to, financial and business services, information and communication technology, energy and others.”

2. Switzerland, a popular destination for setting up a business

“Although not in the EU, another very suitable European business destination is Switzerland. The country is known at a global level for specific economic industries, such as pharmaceuticals, banking and real estate and it is also an attractive jurisdiction for those investing in research and development, ranking as one of the global jurisdiction on innovation.”

3. Reasons for setting up a startup in Switzerland  

“Although it is not part of the EU or the EEA, Switzerland is also a popular destination for basing a business because of its reputation as a financial center and the corporate and personal taxation regimes.”

4. Switzerland, a top European destination for investment purposes  

“Switzerland is one of the countries in Europe that are well known for their economic and political stability as well as an efficient capital market. Investors who form a Swiss company can have access to various tax incentives and benefits depending on the canton in which the business is based.”

5. The procedure of opening a Swiss limited liability company  

“Before being registered, a Swiss GmbH will need to have a few elements defined, among which the commercial name is the first. In order to have a name for a Swiss GmbH, the future owner will need to have it approved with the Federal Register which keeps records on all companies, and which can ensure the chosen name is not rejected.”