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Open Business for Sale of Motor Vehicles in Switzerland

Open Business for Sale of Motor Vehicles in Switzerland

A company that sells motor vehicles in Switzerland may provide on the local market both new and used carsmotorcycles and other types of motor vehicles, if specific conditions are met. Companies operating in this sector can also import vehicles from other countries.

Those who want to open a company in Switzerland in this sector should know that the industry is rather developed, registering moderate growth rates. For example, at the level of June 2016, the vehicle registrations increased by 1,84% compared to the same period of the previous year. In 2016, the highest growth rate was registered for passenger car registrations, which expanded by 2,12%. Our team of consultants in company formation in Switzerland can offer in-depth assistance on the registration of a business operating in this sector. 

Legislative framework for the car industry in Switzerland 

Companies operating as dealers of motor vehicles in Switzerland should comply with the legislation on this matter, which is given by a set of rules of law. Some of the main rules of law available in this case are the following:

Ordinance of 19 June 1995 – regulating technical requirements for power driven transportation vehicles;

Ordinance of 19 June 1995 – referring to the approval of road vehicles

A vehicle imported into Switzerland should be declared with the Swiss Customs. Further on, the registration of a vehicle in Switzerland can only be completed if the car has a certificate of conformity completed following the regulations of the European Commission. Our team of agents in company registration in Switzerland can advise on the main documents that should be offered when selling a car

Purchasing a motor vehicle in Switzerland  

company registered in Switzerland as a car dealership can provide a set of services to a customer purchasing a vehicle in this country. For example, the dealer is the entity that usually assists the buyer in obtaining new plates for the car. At the same time, it may also act as an intermediary between the customer and an insurance company (as all vehicles have to obtain specific insurance policies). 

Businessmen can contact our team of specialists in company formation in Switzerland for in-depth assistance on the registration procedure available in this case.