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Open an e-Commerce Company in Switzerland

Open an e-Commerce Company in Switzerland

Switzerland provides an attractive business market for both local and foreign investors. Those who want to establish a company here are advised to set up an e-commerce business, as it will offer a larger consumer market and more business opportunities. Although Switzerland is not a member of the European Union, its legislative framework is similar with the one applicable by the member states of the entity. Moreover, the foreign direct investments are sustained through various bilateral agreements signed between Switzerland and other states, providing various tax exemptions and deductions to businessmen operating on the Swiss marketOur team of Swiss company formation specialists can offer assistance for the incorporation on an e-commerce business

Register a Swiss e-commerce company 

The registration procedure available for e-commerce companies is similar with the one available for traditional companies, because from a legal point of view there are no differences between the two. The main difference is given by the fact that the latter operates as a virtual business

Foreigners interested in opening a company here should know that they must obtain a residence permit, especially if they register a business on their own name. 

Any company should be represented by a legal entity and the most common business forms in Switzerland are: 

• public limited company;

• limited liability company or the Swiss GmbH

An important aspect is that the nationality of the investors does not represent an issue when setting up a company here. However, there are some requirements in this sense, as the public limited company should have at least a Swiss resident in the company’s boardour team of Swiss company incorporation representatives can offer more details on this matter.

You may count on our Swiss accounting firm to assist you in submitting financial accounts at the conclusion of the accounting quarter. This can vary for domestic and international businesses, but our expertise can assist any sort of business in getting a clear view of its financial situation, so do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Register a website in Switzerland  

In order to set up an e-commerce business, the investor must open a website. Today, there are many platforms which provide reliable website structures that are needed for online businesses set up as e-shops

Websites registered in Switzerland have as a country top level domain the ending “.ch”, which was introduced in 1987. 

Businessmen interested in opening an e-commerce business in Switzerland can address to our Swiss company incorporation agents for more details.