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Open a Travel Agency in Switzerland

Open a Travel Agency in Switzerland

The beauty of Switzerland

Switzerland is a beautiful country and one of the best known touristic destinations in Europe. Investors who want to open a travel agency in Switzerland rely on the country’s magnificent landscapes and local charm to attract clients who are looking for an unforgettable experience.

In order to open a company in Switzerland a foreign investor will need to provide all the documents needed for the company incorporation as well as obtain a residence permit in Switzerland. With the help of our company registration experts in Switzerland your will be able to open a travel agency in the country as fast as possible.

The tourism industry in Switzerland 

The tourism industry in Switzerland is a well-developed business sector that is producing important revenue every year. The country has many advantages, most notably a great geographical advantage that offers its beautiful mountainous landscape. The picturesque image of Swizz culture as well as the high quality of life in the country are another two strong points that attract visitors here.

Switzerland is known to be a wealthy country and is perceived as a more expensive destination compared to other European countries. However, Switzerland is a destination for average inbound tourists as well as wealthy tourists. 

Tour operators in Switzerland can provide specialized travel packages, like holiday packages, they can focus on special tourism categories or health and wellness tourism. Swiss travel agencies have a lot of options to offer to the client willing to discover this beautiful country.

Invest in Swiss tourism 

Although Switzerland is not a member of the European Union it maintains relationships with the EU countries through a series of bilateral agreements. Foreign entrepreneurs who want to invest in the country need to observe certain regulations, such as obtaining a resident permit before investing in the country. Our partner lawyers in Switzerland can tell you more about the relevant legislation for investments in the country.

There are a number of types of companies that can be incorporated in Switzerland but investors also have the option of opening a sole trader if they are interested in working on their own to provide tourism services and consultancy for tourists.

Swiss francs (CHF) or any other currency required for corporate operations are used for accounting in Switzerland. If a foreign currency is used, Swiss franc values must also be displayed. The Swiss Federal Tax Administrator announces the foreign exchange rates used, and these values must be stated in the notes. If you have any questions about these rules, please contact our accountant in Switzerland.

If you would like to invest in travel and tourism in the country please contact our company registration specialists in Switzerland.