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Open a Pharmaceutical Company in Switzerland

Open a Pharmaceutical Company in Switzerland

Foreign investors who wish to set up a pharmaceutical company in Switzerland should primarily analyze the country’s manufacturing sector in this business area which is thriving.

The pharmaceutical industry has a strong, continuous growth and it has substantially increased its exports over the years and it now contributes with more than 30% of Switzerland’s exports. 

General aspects of a pharmaceutical company in Switzerland

Pharmaceutical companies provide services and produce goods which they sell abroad or at home and in order to manufacture them, these legal entities require capital and labor (production’s key factors); the more productive a company is, the more competitive ability it will have.

The success of a pharmaceutical company in Switzerland depends on the scientific level of top scientists, but also on the professionalism of the entire workforce. In order to establish Swiss companies of this type, investors have to follow a few legal and administrative steps. Our specialists in company formation can assist you in establishing a pharmaceutical or chemical company in Switzerland.

Creating a pharmaceutical company in Switzerland 

pharmaceutical company’s formation process does not differ from the one of any other type of company in Switzerland. As a foreign investor, you must decide which legal entity best suits your interests and then register your new legal structure with the Swiss Trade Register and tax authorities.

The private limited company is a common choice, but bigger pharmaceutical companies that wish to expand their business on Swiss territory, can also prefer creating a branch office for their existing parent-company abroad. The company registration process in Switzerland is transparent and straightforward. Moreover, the country has a favourable tax system.

Requirements for pharmaceutical manufacturers in Switzerland

Investors need to make sure that their distribution or manufacturing company is complying with the licensing demands after the incorporation process is done. The Code of Conduct of the Pharmaceutical Industry in Switzerland ensures that affiliated manufacturers of this industry pledge to comply with the ethics and honesty-based regulations and sign the required declaration. 

The regulations are relevant to promoting of and informing about medicinal products for health care and the support or execution of events that provide input about medicinal products. 

In case you need help with setting up a pharmaceutical company on Swiss territory, do not hesitate to seek counsel from our company incorporation agents as they can offer information and assistance in any company formation matter.