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New Company vs. Shelf Company in Switzerland

New Company vs. Shelf Company in Switzerland

Switzerland has one of the most modern and stable economies in the world. The country has been ranked on various occasions as the wealthiest country in the world and it is easy to understand why foreign investors would want to open companies in Switzerland.

After deciding to invest in Switzerland, business owners must choose the type of Swiss company they want to open: new companies or shelf companies as well as Swiss subsidiaries or branches.

Open a new company in Switzerland

Switzerland is a gateway to many markets and a company incorporated here may offer investors access to multiple opportunities and international recognition. Switzerland offers five options regarding the types of companies that can be incorporated here. 

The Swiss GmbH is one of the most popular business structures in Switzerland, however, this type of company requires a minimum share capital of 20,000 CHF.

Larger companies that place their business operations in Switzerland may choose to open a stock corporation in Switzerland

General partnerships and limited partnerships in Switzerland are formed when at least two individuals choose to enter into a business partnership. Differences apply to the liability of the partners.

Sole proprietorships in Switzerland are usually incorporated by only one entrepreneur that wants to establish operations in Switzerland.

Regardless of the type of company chosen, when entrepreneurs open new businesses in Switzerland they are in charge of the entire incorporation process. Our company formation experts in Switzerland can make sure that every legal aspect is observed during the formation of your new company.  Besides the registration services offered in Switzerland, our team can also incorporate your company in other countries. An example would be our website in Netherlands, a service provided byDutch specialists located in Amsterdam and Rotterdam. We can also put you in touch with our international partners if you need other services, such as painting for your office or medical services

The requirements for the accounting standards under which a consolidated financial statement must be prepared are not stated in the Swiss Code of Obligations. Only listed companies require that a recognized accounting standard such as GAAP or IFRS are used. However, small and medium-sized businesses adopt GAAP accounting rules which can be explained by our Swiss accounting company.

Buy a shelf company in Switzerland

The main advantage of a Swiss shelf company when compared to a new company is the less amount of time in which business operations can begin. Shelf companies are companies that have already been created and they can either have a history or be essentially as new as a freshly formed company.

A shelf company in Switzerland already has all of the necessary documentation submitted at the relevant authorities and it is already registered at the Swiss Commercial Register. However, the buyer must transfer shares or make all other necessary payments to fulfill the obligations regarding the minimum share capital.

Our company incorporation experts can help you buy a shelf company in Switzerland. We will supervise the entire purchase-sale process and we can offer further assistance for opening a Swiss bank account.

If you are interested in other investment options or need counselling regarding company management in Switzerland, please contact us and we will offer you all of the necessary details. Also, in case you need an experienced accountant in Switzerland, our team of accounting experts is at your disposal.