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Investing in Dividend Stocks in Switzerland

Investing in Dividend Stocks in Switzerland

Foreign investors who are interested in company formation in Switzerland can opt to invest in dividend stocks. The dividend stocks can be invested here through exchange traded funds, which represent one of the simplest and most cost effective instruments available in this country. Our team of company formation representatives in Switzerland can offer an in-depth presentation on the main advantages of dividend stocks, which can be traded on the local exchange market

What is a dividend stock in Switzerland? 

 A stock dividend in Switzerland refers to dividend payment which is performed through additional shares. The dividend stocks can be traded amongst the shareholders of a company in the situation in which the respective business does not have sufficient cash supply at a given moment, when the investors should cash out their return on investment

Foreign investors who want to open a company in Switzerland should know that the dividend stocks can also be provided to the company’s shareholders even in the situation in which the business can provide sufficient financial funds, but the company’s management decided to reinvest the respective sum of money. 

One of the main advantages of this type of payment relates to the fact that such instruments are not taxed. However, they can be taxed when the respective shareholder decides to sell the stocks. Our team of company formation agents in Switzerland can offer more details on this subject. 

Most effective ways to invest in dividend stocks in Switzerland  

Switzerland represents one of the most stable economies in Europe. Thus, investors interested in the procedure of company registration in Switzerland can have several options for investing on this market. 

One of the most effective ways to invest in Switzerland through dividend stocks is, as mentioned above, through exchange traded funds. Another option deals with the American Depositary Receipts, through which businessmen can purchase stocks which are traded on the American exchange markets

We invite entrepreneurs to address to our company formation consultants in Switzerland for more details on how to invest in dividend stocks. Our specialists can offer assistance on the ways in which such instruments can be paid to shareholders