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Import and Export in Switzerland

Import and Export in Switzerland

Switzerland has one of the most stable economies in the world and many foreign investors choose to open companies in Switzerland

Switzerland is one of the world’smost renownedexporters of high-end watches and clocks, but the country is also known for its export of chocolate and agricultural products, such as cheese.

Swiss exports

Germany is Switzerland’s most impoartant trading partner, followed by the United States and countries in the European Union, such as France, Italy and Austria. Other non-European countries which are Swiss partners are Japan, India and China.

The majority of Swiss exports include finished products such as medicinal products, watches, precious jewelry or gold.

The agricultural products that make Switzerland famous, such as chocolate, cheese and wine, represent only a small portion of the total of goods exported by Switzerland

Unless a business employs a distinct financial year, the tax year is typically the calendar year. Each year, income from the previous year is assessed for federal, cantonal, and local income taxes. In order to avoid penalties and other financial issues, you can use the services provided by our accountants in Switzerland.

Swiss imports

Switzerland’s mineral resources are limited, thus the country has to import and process them, and then resell them as finished products. Although Switzerland is a manufacturer of agricultural products, the country still relies on imported products to satisfy the commercial demand.

Key products imported by Switzerland are: machinery, chemicals, metals, agricultural products and cars. Germany is Switzerland’s largest import partner, followed by Italy, France, the United States, and China. 

The country’s relatively small domestic market is another important factor that determines Switzerland to rely on foreign markets for imports and investment. Switzerland has a high rating for investment and many entrepreneurs choose to register Swiss companies

Trading with Switzerland

Switzerland is a member of the World Trade Organisation and the European Union has close ties with Switzerland, compared to other non-European Economic Area Countries.

The economic and trade relations between Switzerland and the European Union are governed by the Free Trade Agreement and a series of bilateral agreements. The Swiss economic policy is based on free trade and generally the country has low import duties and import quotas.

Foreign entrepreneurs have many reasons to invest in Switzerland. Our company formation experts in Switzerland can help with more information about Swiss trading.