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Company management in Switzerland

Company management in Switzerland

Switzerland is one of the most attractive European countries for foreign investors and the number of new companies is constantly growing. Managing a company in Switzerland implies a lot of planning, market analysis and administrative tasks, but also taxes and law compliance. 

It is hard to control all business aspects and to ensure transparency and compliance with laws and regulations, especially for medium and large companies with complex structures. Therefore it would be advisable for any entrepreneur to seek specialized advice and consultancy. Whether you are just starting a business in Switzerland, or you already own a company in this country, our specialists are ready to assist you with a wide range of activities that will help your business grow. Furthermore, we can help you set up companies in other countries, through ourcompany formation partners in Hungary or Bulgaria. 

Besides marketing and production activities, company management in Switzerland must also include the following domains:

Administrative activities

• Signing contracts 

Communications office (telephone, letters, fax and email)

• Providing and maintaining a Registered Office address in Switzerland

• Find the right employees for your business

Accounting activities

• Invoicing customers, managing accounts receivable and payable

• Transactions and acquisitions 

• Maintaining accounting records and posting all accounting entries 

Registration for VAT purposes with the Tax and Customs Offices 

• Preparation and filing of all statutory returns (VAT returns, corporation tax returns)
In case you need an accountant in Switzerland, do not hesitate to contact us.

Financial activities

• Management of the company bank account in Switzerland

• Financial and Operational reporting, like balance sheet and profit and loss accounts

Any type of Swiss company must be managed by an executive board, in charge with the company’s rights, obligations and responsibilities. The Board members must ensure that the company operates according with law provisions and are jointly responsible for the decisions and choices regarding it.

Our experts will insure the instant overview of all the activities that affect the statutory responsibilities, by offering management consultancy and compliance analysis implied for company management in Switzerland. Please contact our company formation consultants for further information.